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Electrical Substations

TOR provides electrical engineering services to utilities and municipalities for substations ranging from 4.16kV to 500kV including new construction, rebuild, and upgrades to projects located throughout the Southwestern United States.

Electrical Distribution

TOR provides distribution services for both overhead and underground projects.  These projects include underground conversions of existing overhead lines as well as relocations, upgrades, new lines, equipment changes or new installations, residential / commercial services and street lighting.

Smart Grid Design and Support

TOR provides Smart Grid services which focuses on upgrading existing systems by implementing modern day technology onto existing equipment and helping to keep our electrical grid operational in a more efficient and more secured way. 

To support this effort, TOR provides engineering and design services for installation of such things as new remote operated 12kV overhead disconnect switches, Volt / Var control and equipment monitors, voltage regulators, end of line voltage monitors, breaker monitors, etc.

Renewable Energy

TOR provides renewable energy services including solar generation up to 75MW.

Overhead Subtransmission & Transmission Lines

TOR provides overhead subtransmission lines up to 69kV and transmission lines up to 230kV.

TOR Engineering Experience and Capabilities

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