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Electrical Substation Engineering

Services Provided

  • Single Line Development

  • Physical Arrangement and Design

  • Structural Analysis and Design

  • Foundation Design

  • Grounding Design

  • Relaying, Wiring, and Controls

  • Short Circuit Analysis

  • Lighting Protection Study

  • Relays Settings / Coordination

  • Apparatus Specification

  • Control House Layout and Design

  • Communications Layouts / Development

  • Inspection

  • Access and Maintenance Road Design and Permitting

  • Project Management

  • Cost Estimating

  • Plan Reviews

  • Testing / Commissioning

  • SCADA Development

  • Bill of Material

  • Construction Specifications

  • EPC Contracts

  • Bidding Evaluations

  • Construction Support

  • Wall Design


Page Title

69kV Substation Renovation Project
Project required Electrical Physical, Protection and Control design to renovate an aged Bureau of Indian Affairs Substation. Improvements included replacement of switches, breakers, VT's as well as upgrade electromechanical relaying to new microprocessor based units.
500kV Substation Bay Addition

Project required Electrical Physical, Protection and Control and Structural Engineering design to support the installation of a new 500kV line bay position into an existing 500kV breaker and a half yard to interconnect a new 250MW Solar Generation plant.

120/12.47kV Substation

Provide Electrical, Structural, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering services for a new private substation.  TOR developed equipment specifications, assisted with bidding and award, reviewed manufacturer submittals  and witnessed factory testing.  Designed custom relay enclosure, steel structures, protection and control systems,  etc.  Performed power flow, VAR compensation and grounding studies as well as provided construction support services.

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